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Send Large Files That Are Too Big To Email October 12, 2016

Posted by twiznc in Email, Services & Software Recommendations.

Most email services limit the size of outgoing messages, preventing you from emailing large attachments (images, large PDF documents, etc.).  Most FTP solutions are difficult to configure and present security challenges.  One good solution is to use a web-based third-party file transfer site.  These services allow you to upload your large file to the service provider’s server and then email a link to one or more recipients allowing them to download the file.  Some of these services are free but limit the size of files that can be uploaded, the frequency of uploads within a given period, and/or the expiration time of the download link.  Paid services will offer much greater flexibility with fewer limitations at a fairly low monthly subscription cost; some services offer unlimited uploads (size and frequency) with download link expirations of up to 90 days (or more).

The size limit of files that can be uploaded will vary by service, but generally speaking free services allow files of anywhere from 2GB up to about 30GB, and the download links remain active for anywhere from 2-3 days to a week or so.  Bear in mind that this may not be a good option for confidential files as the security precautions of these services can’t always be determined. Continue reading for our favorite free third-party service, as well as links to other services (both free and paid). 

Our favorite third-party file transfer site is Filemail (http://www.filemail.com).  It is very easy to use and the offer both a very generous free plan as well as two very flexible and feature-packed paid plans.  As of this writing, their free plan allows file uploads of up to 30GB with 7 days download availability and delivery tracking.  Their $9/month plan allows password protection of file downloads in addition to other added features, and their $15/month plan allows HTTPS secure transfers, the ability to receive large files as well as to send them, than private branding with your company’s name and logo.

Other services you may want to consider include…

If security is not a high concern, you may want to utilize your own FTP service.  We recommend the free open-source FileZilla solution (http://www.filezilla-project.org).  FileZilla is probably the most popular FTP client/server app and is one of the easier ones to install, configure, and use.



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