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Email Encryption Solutions March 7, 2016

Posted by twiznc in Email, Security, Services & Software Recommendations.

Email encryption can be very confusing and difficult to sort out.  Basically, there is “endpoint-to-server” encryption (which is what Gmail does) and there is “endpoint-to-endpoint” encryption (where messages are encrypted from the sender’s inbox to the recipient’s inbox).  Regulatory compliance requires “true” endpoint-to-endpoint encryption, which is only available from third parties that provide such a service, usually via a “hosted” encryption mail server.

Tech Wizards recommends two “point-to-point” encryption products that satisfy regulatory compliance requirements (including HIPAA): Virtru offers a free version (marginally compliant), plus a paid version (fully compliant) with extra features and functionality – $60.00/user/year. Tech Wizards has tested this app and it seems easy to use at both ends (sender and recipient).  It provides an Outlook Plug-In which allows sending an encrypted message just by clicking a button in Outlook (although Outlook is not required to send encrypted messages; it works fine with Gmail, other email systems).  Recipients receive an email notification with a link to a website where they confirm their identity and then view (or download) the encrypted email message; there are no “keys” to exchange.  DataMotionSecureMail Desktop is priced at $99/user/year but they do offer a 14 day free trial for up to five users.  I have not tested this app but it appears to have similar features as the paid version of Virtru, plus some added-value features and options.



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